Creating a Baby Proofing Plan

Safety should be one of the first things a parent thinks of when bringing home a baby. Keeping the home baby proofed is a major process parents should go through before bringing home the new baby. Accidents can and do happen often in the home, especially when it comes to babies.

Start By Looking For The Most Troubling Areas Of Your House

Areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, electrical cords, stairways, bookcases and sharp edges on items. These are the areas you want to target by purchasing things to protect those areas. Get down to the level of a baby to see the most concerning areas. Think about hazards involving choking, strangling, suffocating, getting burned or drowning.

When you get down on your hands and knees, you’ll find that there are all sorts of hazards at ground level. It may feel overwhelming but you have to start somewhere. Go room by room and get rid of the hazards you come across. If a room is not able to be baby proofed, consider a child safety gate to keep the baby out of that room altogether.

Remember That You Don’t Have To Baby Proof Things All At Once

Take your time and go through the entire house, being as thorough as you can. You’ll have some time when the baby is very tiny and isn’t moving around but as soon as he or she can scoot and roll over, you should be ready. Make sure you don’t overlook choking hazards and remember that, if it fits through a toilet paper roll, it can present a choking hazard.

Child Safety Items You Should Consider

There are things you may have to purchase, such as child safety gates, cupboard latches and electrical outlet plugs. They are not all that expensive and make a big difference in how safe your house actually is. The rest comes down to common sense and getting rid of toxic items or medicines your baby can easily get into, even with child safety caps.

Don’t Overlook The Many Common Objects Around Your Home

Things you wouldn’t expect can cause choking so be wary at all times and keep the home neat and picked up. Don’t forget older children’s toys which can be small and can choke a child.

Once you have checked over the home, do the baby proofing items you’ve selected after purchasing the baby proofing items needed. Again, it pays to keep the home really neat and uncluttered so that there is nothing for baby to get into. Do your assessment of home safety before actually going to the store for your baby proofing items.

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  1. In addition to door knob covers I would also recommend getting fire-prevention outlets. Someone recommend this to me and it makes me more comfortable at home knowing that no electrical outlets can set on fire. It is just one more thing to think about when childproofing your house. When I childproofed my house I crawled around the ground to make sure everything was safe and I double checked everything and it really really helped. It puts your on the level your child will be on so you are able to see the room where they will be.


  2. Very useful. I think not a lot of people are paying enough attention to safety. My personal concerns and fears have been always connected with electricity…