Fun Getaways for Friends

Vacations with friends are becoming even more popular nowadays. Girlfriends are taking weekend long trips to the spa and the guys are heading out to Las Vegas. Going with a group of friends is always a fun time and there are so many places around the world to choose from. If you are looking for somewhere local or far away from home, there are options everywhere. Girls tend to like the spa vacations and guys tend to take trips to places that are known for chaos, bright lights and crazy fun.

Think about where you and your friends might want to go. Are you looking for relaxation, action, wine tasting, or a taste of another culture? Why not try out the Napa Valley for wine tasting and spa treatments. There are a few great spas in Napa Valley such as the Golden Haven Hot Springs and Meadowood Napa Valley.  It doesn’t matter what the season is because all of the seasons are fantastic in Napa Valley.

Maybe Napa Valley is too close to home or not what you are looking for. You can always get away with friends to Europe. Europe has always been a popular place for group trips. You can check out London and see the Queen’s Palace or you can fly to Paris for a week and eat French bread and brie. Europe is a gateway to many different countries and adventures. It is full of history, museums, nightlife, shopping, culture, and all types of people.

If it is primarily a man-only vacation, maybe Las Vegas would be a great place for you high-rollers. Las Vegas is full of action and fun. The resorts are posh, the clubs are fancy, and the attractions are full of fun. Guys can take a trip to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, or gamble in some colorful casino’s while they are there.

Maybe your group wants to go to Mexico? If so, try places like Playa del Carmen and Cancun. These places are known world wide for hosting groups of friends.  If you are dreaming of going even farther, you can book a trip for you and your mates to Australia or New Zealand. New Zealand has some of the best white water rafting trips for group in the world. You can also take a trip with friends to the Caribbean. The Caribbean islands are full of flavor and good times, as well as some tasty tropical cocktails.

Make this trip something you and your friends will never forget. Choose a location that will work for all of you. Don’t forget your camera!

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