Color Your Hair at Home

It is much cheaper to color your own hair. It is quite expensive to go to a hair dresser these days and getting your hair colored can be costly. It can be cheaper coloring your hair at home, but can also be tricky. It is best to follow the right steps to avoid any mistakes from happening.

It is good to find a hair color that compliments your skin town. Most of the time people with warm skin tones look good with gold, auburn or red colors. Ash tones don’t usually go well with warm skin tones, so it is best to stay away from them.

Before mixing your color together it is smart to check the code on the box and the tube to make sure it matches. You don’t want to end up with the wrong hair color on your head.

Always look at the color chart on the side of the box to see if it would match your skin tone. Avoid making a decision based on the model’s hair. The chart gives a guideline and tells you what color your hair might result in.

Then start mixing the die into a small bowl. It is best to mix the color in a bowl because you can stir it up correctly and makes sure it is fully mixed. If you have a little coloring brush then you can apply the color thoroughly to your hair or roots. Sometimes it is best to have a friend or family member do it for you so all of your head is covered in the color. If you are doing your own hair, then you can still manage with the color brush.

If you haven’t done this before it is best to follow the strand test instructions that are in the box. Do a test run to see if it is the color you want. If you do shake up the mixture in the bottle instead, then make sure you cut off the top of the bottle and hold your finger over the top. Shake the color well and then start to apply to hair.

Follow the instructions that come along in the box and take off any jewelry that you don’t want to be ruined. It is best to wear a shirt you don’t mind staining. Use the gloves that the color box provides. When you have applied the whole mixture to your head you can begin to massage your scalp and run your hands through your hair. This will make sure you have gotten every strand.

Make sure you follow the timing instructions on the information provided and then rinse your hair out thoroughly until the water runs clear. After this you can apply the conditioner that was provided and leave it on for 3-5 minutes while in the shower. It will help strengthen your hair and keep the color in.

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