Preparing Fish – My Personal Tips

Are you looking for great fish recipes? One of the best ways to cook an oily fish, such as mackerel, is to use a cedar board. Make sure you clean and gut the fish, removing any scales. Brush the cedar board with a light coating of olive oil. Stuff the body cavity of the mackerel with herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and bay leaves. Use lemon to reduce the acidity of fish by placing half a lemon in the body cavity, this will also reduce oiliness. Place the fish on the board and cook in the oven for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. When you remove the fish from the oven allow it to cool for 2-5 minutes before serving.

Not many people cook oily fish, because they don’t know about this fun and exciting way to spice it up. Check back often for more exciting fish recipes. My favorite way to make grilled fish is to baste it with a sauce made of soy sauce, garlic paste, ginger paste, and a small amount of ground cayenne. I place the fish in foil and grill the fish till it is browned. At the same time, I grilled onions, garlic, potatoes, as well as ripe mangoes.

I cooked those till they trun brown which was followed by serving of fish in the middle of viggies and fruits and ginger soy sauce mainly on the top. The choice of fish is your decision, although keep in mind that a milder fish will help to enhance the vegetables and fruits. While cookong this grilled fish dish is easy and makes a person feel like a gourmet chef, the better choice would be the fish with the stronger robust taste. Serve this with a light, fruity white wine! My husband and several of his boating buddies have a fishing tournament every year.

They fish on Lake Erie and try to get perch and/or pickerel. A winner is declared after the fish is counted, but I don’t think there is ever a prize. Those people are having a fish fry at someone’s house where a large gathering of people will be invited. However, I believe that they are having this fish fry so that they can show it off later on. All of the participants come and bring their families. Everyone brings along a side dish of some kind. Then, some of the guys fire up their deep fryers and make deep fried fish and some onion rings and French fries, too. Fried fish taste great, but it may not be the best thing for most people to eat, in the middle of the summertime because of the heat.

And copious amounts of beer are flowing too, which can be a little too much for some folks to stomach. Not having an iron constitution myself, I opt for just a little piece of fried fish and just go crazy trying all the different side dishes!

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