Swaddle Your Baby

Attention American Moms – You may not know about this great product that two Aussie native moms are now sharing with us.

Claudia Schwarz and Raegan Moya-Jones are two Australian natives’ who, after relocating to the U.S., were concerned by the lack of muslin fabric baby wraps traditionally found from home. What ended up being a tiring search of not finding what they were looking for here in the United States led to the creation of their business, aden + anais.

aden + anais wraps feature 100% soft and breathable muslin cotton which provides babies with plenty of warmth without overheating them. These two moms know well that many baby wraps are rather small when trying to swaddle a baby in one, so they solved this problem as well by making their muslin wraps a huge 47″ x 47″ in size.

It’s a known fact that babies enjoy being swaddled and it helps them to sleep longer and better because it is comforting to them. Since aden + anais wraps are so soft (they become even softer and fluffier after washing) your baby will also enjoy rubbing their tiny little face against them. :)

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on the proper way to swaddle your baby, aden + anais have a great guide here.

When your baby no longer wants to be swaddled, there’s other ways to use your muslin wraps so they just don’t get tucked away in a drawer somewhere. Here are some possible ideas:

  • They can be used on the floor during tummy time
  • You can use them to cover you and your baby while nursing in public
  • Use them as a blanket while at the park in the summer
  • Use them as a burp cloth – these are large enough so the spit-up doesn’t end up on your shirt instead
  • Spread them out on the bottom of a portable crib
  • You can drape them over a portable stroller to block at the sun and provide protection from insects

My babies are much older now and I really wish I had known about this product when they were young. The swaddling blankets that I had used were so small and were just so thick that I always worried about overheating their tiny little bodies. I hope the new moms that are reading this review check out Claudia and Raegan’s product line, it’s definitely something I would have used.

Their website is http://adenandanais.com

New to their product line

I also had a chance to review a sample of their new muslin sleeping bag. Again, this is something that I wish I had with my boys. We used sleeping bags with both babies and this product would have been great!

The Muslin Sleeping Bag is great for babies that are transitioning from the swaddling stage. They were designed to be used over a baby’s pj’s and in place of crib blankets. They are made of 100% muslin, the same material as their swaddling blankets. They come in a variety of patterns and sizes. The one I received had a pattern of fish – so cute. I’ve added a picture of it so you can see it.

Check out aden + anais – Even if your babies are not, well, babies any longer any of these products would make a great gift at the next baby shower you are invited to. :)

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  1. storkclub says:

    Great information. Swaddles are also popular in the Philippines, women even use their swaddles as a make-shift hammock for the baby. So many uses for a swaddle.