Fun Activities for Kids in New Jersey: Part One

New Jersey offers a seemingly endless supply of fun activities for kids. Whether you’re going to spend a summer’s day at a boardwalk on the New Jersey Shore, or you’re off to slide down a waterslide at an indoor water park, your family is sure to have a good time in New Jersey. Here are a few places to go:

Surflight Children’s Theatre

Surflight Theatre brings Broadway—and in this case fairy tales—to the beach. Take your kids to see live plays of their favorite fairy tales. Kids can even meet the actors after the show. The theatre is located at Engleside and Beach Ave. in Beach Haven.

Dorbrook Recreation Area

Dorbrook Recreation Area, located in Colts Neck, has all the makings for a day of total fun. First, there’s the Dorbrook spray park, which features dozens of sprinklers, water buckets, splash areas and a large toddler play area. Toddlers to pre-teens will love run through shoots of water on a hot day. Then, there’s the park itself, which is home to one of the state’s largest (and cleanest) sandboxes. If your kids get bored with water and sand, take them on one of the many walking trails or play on the tennis, soccer or basketball courts. Then have a picnic at one of the shaded picnic areas. And, perhaps best of all, the recreation area is totally free.

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