Tips for Selling Baby Items at a Yard Sale

Is it time to clean out your baby’s closet? Are you overloaded with 3-6 month sized clothing… and your child is 18-months old? Sure, you could take old baby items to a consignment shop or resale store, but why do that when you can have a yard sale and keep all the profits? Yard sales are a lot of work, but they’re easily worth it. Here are tips for selling baby stuff at a yard sale. Good luck!

– Don’t under-price. In fact, don’t overprice, either. For clothing, it’s best to create two piles for pricing—one for generic brands and one for brand-name clothing. Obviously, price the brand-name clothing higher than the generic stuff. Just don’t price everything the same.

– Know all those random little toys you have? Group them up and put them in little baggies with a price. Goodie bags of mixed toys will sell much more easily than separately priced rattles and cars. Do the same thing with socks and hats.

– A general rule is to price an item 10 percent of what you bought it for. If it’s brand new, price it 50 percent of what you originally paid.

– This should be a no-brainer: Don’t put out junk unless you’re giving it away for free. Nobody wants stained baby clothes or battered toys. And as for used pacifiers? Forget it!

– Advertise what you’re selling. Baby clothes sell pretty well at yard sales, so make sure you let everyone know that your sale is the place to buy baby goods. Let people know what kind of baby stuff you have: Do you have an abundance of newborn onesies? Or will you be selling baby carriers? Or are you up to your ears in toddler toys? Be specific and the right buyers will come.

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