How To Make the Most of Your Closet

Are you trying to make the most out of your tiny closet? Guess what? Size doesn’t matter. You can work with these suggestions and utilize your small closet to the fullest. There are many different tips you can apply to get your space working for you. Let’s get started!

Hanging Clothes Properly

Sometimes we pile things into our closet and hang things over another clothing item. This actually tends to bulk things up in your closet. It is better to hang things individually. Think about how pull-out shelves might be able to help your closet situation, or maybe you should install adjustable shelves. You can also purchase stackable shelving that can save you a lot of space. Make the most out of your small closet by getting a hanger specifically for your ties and belts. We always tend to think walk-in closets have a lot of room but they actually do not have much storage space and the floor become empty space.

Hanger Direction and Organization

It is best to turn all of your hangers facing the same direction so that they do not get tangled on you. When they are facing the same direction they are easy to remove from the closet, as well as put back in. You can even organize your closet space by grouping all pants, jeans, dresses, and all dress shirts. This way when you are rushing and searching for a perfect dress, you will know to look in your dress section.


Hang your clothes in your closet according to the length that they are. Hang all long items on one end, and all short pieces of clothing on the other. If you hang your clothes in this fashion, then you will have room for the built-in shelving system or freestanding unit. You could also try adjustable shelves which are really easy to install. You will be able to adjust them to your liking and make more out of your small closet space.

Pull-out shelves are another option for you and allow you o reach all of your clothes and contents without disturbing the rest of the closet and clothing.

Did someone say shoes?

If you have a shoe fetish and own hundreds of shoes, then you must find a way to work them into your small closet space. If your small space it quite limited, you can purchase stackable shelves. You could just as many as stackable shelves as you need and you will be able to look at them without ruining the organization of the closet. There are so many ways that you can make your small closet space work for you. Don’t dish out money for a professional organizer if you don’t have to. Get creative!

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