The Best Restaurants To Take Your Kids To

There are millions of restaurants out there, but what are the healthiest ones for your kids? Family restaurants are working on changing the menus so that there will be more nutritious food choices on the menus. Nowadays, it is important to treat your child about nutrition as a young age. Obesity in children is a large concern for parents all over the world, and there are effective ways a parent can help prevent this. The restaurants that target families are now catching on to the nutrition trend for kids. It is important to identify the top rated restaurants for kids and nutrition. A survey was conducted over a 5 month investigation of family restaurants, and over 130 children’s menus were examined for nutritional value. It was noticed that only 67% of these large family restaurant chains offered milk and 100% offered soft drinks. Salad was an option on some of these menus, but only %19 percent offers it. Chicken strips, nuggets and fingers were on 87% of these family menus. These are the top 10 healthiest family restaurants that you should take into consideration when you are taking your kids out for a meal.
*Red Lobster which is in most U.S locations.
*The Old Spaghetti Factory which is still an all time family favorite.
*Legal Sea Foods which is located in several states on the East coast.
*Ruby Tuesday, a popular family restaurant all over the U.S
*Mimi’s Café
*The Melting Pot
*Elephant Bar Restaurant
*Chili’s Grill and Bar, another family favorite.
*Bertucci’s which in most U.S locations.

Families have less and less time to cook nowadays because of hectic schedules. They tend to choose to eat out a lot in the week. It can be viewed as a way to spend time together without distractions and can be used to teach your kids table manners, but studies still prove that families consume fewer calories when having a home-cooked meal. Obesity is a growing problems and the cause of many health complications. It is best to choose a restaurant that will provide your family with nutrition if you are not cooking at home. There are many restaurants that have all kinds of options and food choices for your kids. You might even find you might make some healthier choices when eating out with your kids. Do your research, look at menus, and teach your kids how to make smart food choices. The earlier kids learn to make healthy food choices, the more the risks of obesity will diminish.

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  1. I just wanted to submit a correction. Your article states that Legal Sea Foods is in most US locations but actually, it is only located in 7 states (soon to be eight), all on the East coast. So, unfortunately, Legal Sea Foods wouldn’t be available to everyone in the country, just the lucky ones who live near one.

  2. Thanks for the correction Dawn. I took a minute to review their website and they are indeed located on the East coast.