Theme Decorating your Child’s Room

Kids love decorations and love having their rooms decorated with a theme! It can be anything from their favorite sports teams to their favorite super heroes.  Do they have a favorite animal or a favorite color? Or a favorite fairy tale character perhaps? Kids love to be surrounded by their favorite things in life and will love it if you decorate their room for them. If you have a daughter you might think of doing girly themes such as butterflies, ballerinas, nature and tea party type themes. Your son might enjoy something a bit more masculine such as his favorite sports team, super hero, or animals.

Some ideas for a Girl theme include:

*If your little girl has a great love for nature and the beach you might be able to create a beautiful ocean on their wall and have star fish, sand, boats and shells painted into the design. You could paint a light blue for the ocean and have a sandy color on the floor. If the ceiling is white it could appear to be like clouds. If your daughter has always loved the beach, she will fall in love with this design!

*A moonlight or starry night theme might be great for your girl. She will sleep under the stars and dream big. There are many products on the market to create this theme and you can even use glow in the dark stars for that extra glowing effect. This is a theme that both boys and girls love and it is available in a variety of colors. You can create a solar system on the system I you want. A moonlight theme can also be quite dreamy.

*If your girl is into all the pretty things and color then she might like a design full of cute animals, flowers or butterflies. You can buy a variety of stencils to make her room look extra girly! A nice added touch is to add some soft curtains around the windows.

Some ideas for Boy Themes include:

*Boys might favor insects and reptiles. They might like an insect theme with varieties of bugs all over the walls. You could design and paint the room with a mix of greens, browns and blues. Black is not a good color for a child’s room.

*They might like their favorite animal plastered across their walls whether it is a giraffe or polar bear.

*For younger boys, or boys who have hobbies, a variety of toy themes are available. You could decorate their room with planes, trains and automobiles.

*A safari theme has been as all time favorite for boys and they love the sense of adventure they feel when they are in their room. The colors can be ivory, tan, blue and you might be able to find some jungle wallpaper. What an adventure! You can also change it a bit and make it a rainforest!

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  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Theme Decorating.. If your daughter has learned how to embroider or paint on fabric, have her to so within the lines of an embroidery hoop. Leave the Fabric in the hoop, cut the excess off outside the hoop. Glue on ruffled lace on edge of hoop to cover any exposed fabric from the cutting. Then glue on a long string (various colors) to bottom on the hoop. Make these to look like balloons. Hang from walls with a very small nail, and the balloon tails/strings can be made to make any design to indicate a floating appearance by tacking them into the places you want them to curve with simple short straight pins used for sewing. The balloons with your daughter’s homemade embroidered or painted art work would look great on a wall painted like the sky.
    If you have a preteen boy who is into cars already, then you could let him hang cleaned up hubcaps from his bedroom wall, those he might find or with allowance money buy from a junk yard. Some hubcaps have enough room in the center of them to be able to engrave important milestones or accomplishments of your son’s in the center. There are electric engravers for homeowners available in most craft centers or on the internet. You put engrave something such as December 1st, 2007 John W. Washington
    Ran the mile in 3.5 minutes, winning Jackson Elementary School’s Track Race, or John W. Washington Baptized on such and such date at such and such church. If your son wrote a poem about racing, or something he is proud of if it is short enough you could engrave it in the center. Then the silver hubcaps become more than just a theme, they become an accomplishment memory holder.
    Have fun decorating.

  2. Carl Strohmeyer says:

    Ocean or Beach themed decorating is also popular with kids.
    My daughter loves (& misses) the ocean and she enjoys ocean themed decorations from simple shell night lights to seashell style jewelry.

  3. My little boy is just crazy about dinosaurs. My husband and I took him to see one of those 3D Imax educational shows about dinosaurs and now he pretends to be a T-Rex several times a week. I thought it would be cute to do a dinosaur theme in his bedroom so I asked him if that’s what he wanted and he was overjoyed. I think we got a little carried away putting glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, but he generally sleeps all through the night now without busting through the bedroom door roaring like a little T-Rex.

  4. Kids wall art says:

    I love the idea of theme decorating for a child’s room. My daughter has always loved horses and pretty much any animal. We have found many animal paintings and linens that she loves in her room.

  5. My mom use to decorate our rooms when we were little. She actually painted cartoons characters on the wall.