The Troubles with Teething

Sad BabyTeething isn’t fun for anyone. As parents, we know teething equals crankiness, which in turn equals frustrated babies and mommies. It’s easy to let a teething baby get to you. If your child’s anything like mine, he’s pretty much miserable when his gums get puffy and new teeth are about to poke through.

As awful as it is, it’s imperative to put yourself in your baby’s shoes (or booties). Teething has to hurt. But that doesn’t mean you can’t offer your baby some relief.

There are many teething remedies on the market (and at home). Needless to say, some will work better than others.

There’s the usual ibuprofen and acetaminophen you can give your baby. We all know what these medications are—they relieve pain and, in my experience, are pretty effective. These two meds come in a few different forms, so make sure you follow the specific recommended dosages listed on the package.

Homeopathy is another teething relief option. Working with the premise “like cures like,” homeopathic remedies contain miniscule amounts of a substance that in larger amounts would cause the condition you’re trying to heal (in this case tooth pain). These remedies are gentle and recommended by many parents.

Of course, there are also homemade remedies for teething. Many parents swear by letting their baby chomp on a frozen wash cloth or by brushing their child’s gums with a tooth brush (no toothpaste).

Whatever you do, let’s hope your baby—and you—find relief ASAP.

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