Two Snowflakes: A Children’s Book About Twins!

Parents of multiples often look for books about twins to share with their kids. Twins can relate to the characters’ “twin trials,” such as people getting them mixed up, as well as all of the joys of being twins (and often best friends).

Two Snowflakes is a charming children’s book about identical twin snowflakes, Phina and Bella, who appear to be exactly alike, but aren’t quite the same when you get to know them … just like real twins! The twin snowflakes like being twins because they always have each other, but they also get tired of being seen as exactly the same when they like to do different things. At the end of the story, they meet up with real twin girls and melt on their tongues to be with them forever!

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Author Jennifer Miller was inspired to write this delightful book by her own twin daughters, Josie and Anna. At the end of the book, she writes about her twins’ battle with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), a deadly complication that can arise with an identical twin pregnancy. Fortunately, though they had to be delivered early by emergency C-section, Josie and Anna have thrived and are doing well. Jennifer is donating $1 of every purchase of Two Snowflakes to The Fetal Hope Foundation to help raise awareness of TTTS (Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome) and other fetal syndromes.

A sneak preview of Two Snowflakes is available at and you can order the book on Amazon. This book makes a wonderful gift for the twin children in your life or for a family who is expecting twins!


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