Praying Together: You and Your Mate

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Do you pray with your mate? If you do not, you should. Praying together with your mate strengthens your bond immensely. The coming together spiritually unifies your relationship as God intended.

Because this is such a personal aspect of people’s lives many are hesitant and do not pray together. Even amongst Christian’s it was surprising to me to learn that according to FamilyLife, a well-known ministry group, less than 8 percent of Christian couples pray together. That figure blew me away. According to FamilyLife, the main reason that was cited was that they never realized that it was that important to their marriage. Studied also in this group were divorce rates in just Christian couples only. Divorce rate in this group was 27 percent in couples who do not pray together. The couples who pray together have a less than one percent divorce rate.

Praying together is a winner hands down. It is the way that God wants our relationships with our loved ones to be. Praying together takes humility, which everyone is capable of.

How To Get Started:

  • Come together and discuss these statistics. Discuss the importance of this in your relationship. Both parties need to agree on this.
  • Some time during the course of your day, find a quiet spot to pray together.
  • Take turns praying aloud. Try not to feel uncomfortable. This is your mate who knows everything about you and loves you.
  • Pray for your family, pray for yours and your mate’s walk with God, strength, courage, your mate’s struggles and your marriage.
  • After both of you have prayed remember to thank and praise Him.
  • Thank your mate for doing this with you.

This will likely be difficult the first few times, but will get easier. The bond that this creates, however, is well worth every bit of uneasiness. Spiritually powerful and glorious in His eyes, this is what every relationship needs.

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