Mom Jeans: The Jeans That Have Everyone Talking About Mom

Mom Jeans. This is a hot topic lately. Mom jeans are the jeans that we wore way back in the 80s that everyone loved. Now they are a cause for disgrace and disgust. If you do not remember back that far (some of us need a quick reminder, as our brains have been busy on other things, such as life) I will refresh your memory.

Mom jeans are the high-waisted jeans that taper at the ankle. The zippers on them are quite long, say about 8 or 9 inches. They were popular, but not very attractive unless you had a flat tummy. For one thing they tend to show your front essentials quite distinctively since they are pulled up so high. The derriere is also unattractive in these, as they tend to flatten out the curves that some women possess. They were often seen in cahoots with a thin belt.

Young girls wore them back then….us. Some of us never gave them up as fashion changed. It is true that some people are creatures of habit and we find change difficult. I finally gave up my mom jeans a few years back, but it took getting used to. I have to admit that the jeans that I wear now are a lot more comfortable. However, make sure that you are wearing the right underwear or else you will be the topic of another discussion that is quite popular.

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