Car Seat and Booster Seats

It was once said, that all babies and toddlers must ride in a manufactures car seat and or booster seat. In the late 70’s such car seats took a turn from plastic buckets to an actual seat where babies and toddlers could be placed for a much safer ride in the car.

Since the late 70’s manufactures have improved on car seats and booster seats, functions have been added, needed fabric padding, more secure crotch locks, better crash test. However, one thing that has not changed since the mid to early 80’s is the sliding harness clasp.

If you have ever wondered how a baby or toddler can get out of their car seat and or booster seat, this center sliding harness clasp is to blame! Babies and toddlers can figure out real quick that the center harness sliding clasp is easy to move up and down the harness straps. Once a baby or toddler has figured out that they can move the center sliding clasp down, usually toward the crotch, this gives room to wiggle out arms and upper body through the top of most car seats and booster seats.

Now while most parents are driving, keeping their eyes on the road, babies and toddlers are able to slide down the center sliding clasp of car seats and booster seats and slide out through the top of their car seats and booster seats and become free inside a moving car…Have you seen your child free inside your car while driving?

This problem can create a huge safety risk for children and parents as finding a place to pull over off to the side of the road is not always an option right away. Most parents after pulling over to the side of the road will put their baby back inside the car seat and or booster seat, adjust the harness straps tighter and think this will solve the problem… only to find out after they began to drive again that their baby or toddler is now back out of the car seat and or booster seat.. Frantic parents will replace the car seat and or booster seat, however, most manufactures car seats and or booster seats made in the USA have sliding center clasp!

Baby Huggables is a mother invented product to help deter babies and toddlers from being able to wiggle out the top of their car seats and or booster seats while the parent is trying to drive. Baby Huggables is placed directly above the manufactures center sliding clasp. Once Baby Huggables is in place, babies and toddlers will still be able to slide down the manufactures center clasp, but will not be able to slide out of the top of their car seat and or booster seats.

Inventor Sherri Frushon, who is a stay at home mom, suffered through several car seats with her now 10 year old daughter, saying, I tried everything I could think of to keep my baby inside her car seat. When nothing worked, I would purchase yet another car seat thinking this would solve the problem. After awhile I had 5 car seats in my garage which had cost me a lot of money! After I started to look at these car seats I noticed one thing in common all these car seats had, the center sliding clasp! My daughter finally grew out of her car seat and then booster seat, but my mind would not allow me to stop thinking that if my child could escape out of her car seat, other children must be doing the same thing.

It was not until Mrs. Frushon had her last child, a boy, who was able to escape out of his car seat that again she started to dig in to this problem and designed Baby Huggables.

Baby Huggables can be placed above the manufactures sliding center clasp, or below the manufactures sliding clasp on almost all car seats and booster seats. It takes seconds to clip on, with it’s plastic soft teeth so not to harm the harness straps, and less time to remove.

Baby Huggables will allow parents to focus on the road ahead for a much more stress free drive. Baby Huggables works on those with more then one baby, such as twins and multiple births who’s parents suffer the same problem of their children being able to get out of their car seats and booster seats.

Visit the site today to find out how you can get peace of mind and put your eyes back on the road!

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