Choosing Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts: Part 1

Green gifts are hot right now. And for good reason. Not only are eco-friendly gifts good for the Earth, they’re healthier and safer for babies. If you’re looking for things to put on your family’s holiday gift list, or are searching for the perfect product to buy a new baby–go green. Seek out green baby gifts and give an infant all nature has to offer, free from any chemicals and toxins.

Organic Fabrics

Once relegated to specialty online stores, organic baby items can be found in any big name (or mom and pop) store. Organic clothing, blankets, bibs, mattresses and stuffed animals are made from cotton or hemp that was grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers. Bamboo is another popular organic fabric. It’s hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and can prevent skin irritations. Plus it’s sustainable.

Natural Remedies
No one enjoys teething. When pearly whites start poking through baby’s mouth, parents scramble for a remedy—any remedy. Instead of buying conventional teething gel, which often contains artificial food coloring and other artificial ingredients, go natural. Consider buying (or putting on your wish list) a baby necklace made from Baltic amber, a natural anesthetic. When your child sweats, Baltic amber releases healing oils that are absorbed into the skin and provide natural teething relief. Take note that the necklaces are meant to be worn, not put in the mouth. You can also find homeopathic remedies for colic, teething, gas and earaches in some specialty and big name stores.

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