Babyography by All About Baby

Babyography is a certificate scroll that contains facts about your baby and the world into which they were born. They can be purchased with or without a frame.

This is a great gift for any parent and their child. Whether newborn or an older child the keepsake details facts about the child, their birth and things going on around the world when they were born as well as things in history on that day.

Created on an oak board with bright watercolors this scroll details the beginning of your child’s life. You supply the details, such as parent’s names, date and time of birth, doctor and hospital name, weight, length, and more. The company does the rest. It begins with the date and time of birth, the child’s name and other personal information about their family.

It can also include the birthstone and flower for the month of the child’s birth. It can list famous people who were born the same day as your little one as well.

It contains a time capsule of current events, headlines, movies, most popular items and anything that pertains to the current times. It also contains historical events that took place on the same day as your child birthday.

This is a great gift for a baby shower or birthday. If you don’t know all the details to really make the Babyography personal, it’s ok. Just purchase a gift certificate to present to the parents. Then when the child is born the new parents can personalize their child’s scroll with all the pertinent information necessary.

Certificates can even be customized for adopted children by contacting the company to adjust the items that appear on the adopted child’s Babyography.

What’s the Cost: $65.00

Cons: The framed scrolls can be a bit pricey at $65 each, but you don’t have to purchase a frame. This can easily be avoided by ordering the certificate without a frame and buying any frame you wish elsewhere.

Where to Buy: AllBaby

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