Things to Tell Yourself When You’re Cranky

Stressed Woman Holding HeadSometimes babies can be a bit much. Babies cry. Toddlers push your buttons. And bite… and hit… and call you mean. All parents get frustrated once in awhile–and that’s ok as long as you properly handle your emotions. But you don’t want to get resentful. Sometime it’s easy to get resentful, especially when you have work to do and your little one is being less than cooperative.

But… know that this too shall pass. Soon, you will miss the clinginess. You’ll miss the dawdling. You’ll miss the crayon scribbles on your wall. Instead of wishing your life was different, make an attempt to live every minute to its fullest. If you’re working, delve into that work. If your baby is up and you’re paying with her, throw your whole self into making her laugh.

I know it’s easier said than done. But as moms we can easily lose track of the bigger picture and get discouraged. If you’re upset, put on some music and dance with your toddler. Just dance. Be goofy, let go and have fun.

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About Sarah Valek

Sarah Valek is a freelance writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. She has written numerous articles on alternative parenting and the challenges of raising a vegan child in a meat-eating world. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in writing and art from Ithaca College. She spends her days drinking soy lattes and taking her son bird-watching.

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