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New swing set installed on the South Lawn of the White HouseDid you know that many wood swing sets are chemically treated with paint or stain? Children using a wooden swing set that is chemically treated are not only subjected to these chemicals that seep into their skin, but they also fall prey to splinters from the wood itself.

Not with a Cedar Works swing set. This company designs their swing sets of 100 percent cedar. This is a white cedar that is free of chemicals and splinters as well. You will not have to worry about your children playing on a swing set that is unhealthy and potentially dangerous. This is a blessing in itself, but wait there is more.

The Cedar Works Company lets you custom design their swing sets to your liking. Follow one of their outstanding designs (Really, go and look. They are phenomenal.) or design it yourself. The choice is entirely yours.

Furthermore, Cedar Works stands behind their product. Their guarantee gives you full replacement of a part within the first 10 years pending certain reasonable requirements. The service and support at Cedar Works is exceptional. Go and see for yourself the quality of this product and the endless possibilities of your next swing set.


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  1. Melanie@CedarWorks says:

    Hello Angel Lynn, thanks so much for your kind words about the CedarWorks swingsets!