Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown


This book is a wonderful bedtime read for any child. It is filled with goodnight wishes from a rabbit to everything and everyone he can think of including the moon. All intended to keep him from going to sleep. It’s filled with reoccurring animals and objects that will keep your child looking and interested until their eyes go shut into a peaceful dream world all their own.

This book has been around for years. Every child should have this book on their nightstand. It is a bedtime story that will keep your child interested yet relaxed enough to slowly close their eyes and drift off to sleep.

When the rabbit crawls in his bed for the night he figures out that he can put off going to sleep by telling everything in his room good night. He even includes the moon in his little game. As the book completes he has taken his tone to a whisper and the night begins to appear. Before parents know it, not only is the rabbit asleep but so is their little one!

This book is perfect for soothing children to sleep each night. The way the words rhyme and bring the story together make it easy for children to remember and recite along with mom or dad. What a perfect way to get your child to settle in for the night.

With the little mouse hiding on almost every page children will keep focused on the book. This gives them something to look for and thrills them when they find it. The pictures are colorful and interesting to see and go along with book wonderfully.

This book is a classic that is simple to understand for any age and will not only pull children in, but parents too. It’s fun, it’s heartfelt, and it’s a joy to read and to listen too. Reading this book to your child will bring memories into your life that you will treasure forever. Rest assured that when your little one’s eyes go shut it’s only pleasant dreams for the rest of their night.

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