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I do not remember having one at Christmas in my house as a child, but as one of six things got very fuzzy with all the activity sometimes. We may have had an Advent calendar, but I cannot recall it. I was near the bottom of the totem pole and my chances for participating anyway were slim to none.

When I became a mom and had a child of my own it was great because I was able to develop my own family traditions. I had big plans and pursued every one of them. One of these plans was using an Advent calendar each year.

Susan Winget Mittens & Kittens Advent Calendar

Susan Winget Mittens & Kittens Advent Calendar

There are so many different types of Advent calendars these days. Back in the day there was only one type of Advent calendar, but now there are numerous varieties that feature toys, candies, teddy bears and other themes.

Christmas Morning Advent Calendar

Christmas Morning Advent Calendar

Advent calendars started back in the 19th century. For each day in December you would open a door to reveal a picture behind it or post a picture on the wall. As you counted down the days until December 25th, Christmas day, the excitement mounted. For Advent calendar ideas visit Start a family tradition with this exciting holiday activity.

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