The Benefits of Reading to Your Children

Can you remember the very first book you ever read or had read to you?  Most people can, and this is due to the fact that words are extremely powerful.   Princesses in search of their knights in shining armor, visions of distant lands, and ghostly castles, are all images brought to mind by words.  As a child, books provide the window through which life and experiences are seen, where points of view are formed, and where fantasies are dreamed about along with reality. There are, in fact, so many benefits of reading books to your children, if you were not so busy reading them, you would probably have time to write one!

There is absolutely nothing more meaningful than reading to your children.  The tone of your voice soothes the infant child, creating serenity, and studies have proven that your unborn baby will be inclined to achieve a higher level of appreciation and knowledge if you read to him or her whilst carrying.  Can you think of a more amazing gift to give to your child?

Reading is essential to our fundamental perception of life; it is the foundation allowing our children to move forward and make a valuable contribution to society.   Reading a book can take them to unknown places; help them to discover the universe; or turn into a specific character and partake in related escapades.  Children learn about practically everything by reading and this begins when you introduce the child to books.  The first story you read to them can open up a whole new world, and usually leads to an all-time desire for reading and discovery.  What an excellent contribution you are able to make to put your infant on a road paved with everlasting awe and imagination.

Although it is never too soon to begin reading to your children, if you have not yet started, there is no need to worry, you can start now.  The local library is a great source for books, so why not get a few on loan, and read to your youngster every bedtime. This is a sure way to give your child an advantage when he or she first goes to school.

The number of children who read is much lower than it should be, and we, as parents can raise today’s level by introducing books to our children and opening up the many advantages of the world of words.

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