How to Stop the Toys Overtaking The House

Now the holidays have passed, you can hardly turn around without falling over at least one new toy sprawled out on the floor. The following tips are to help you stop the toys from taking over and return you home to some kind of order.

Tupperware offer a great selection of different sized plastic containers to put all the toys in.  They are easily movable as they are on wheels and come in a selection of colors to match up with the décor.  If the child’s bedroom is small and space is an issue, there is a hanging variety which you can suspend from the walls making life so much easier.

Assemble all the toys and you will discover there are quite a few old, unwanted and forgotten ones.  These, after seeking permission from your child, or maybe just taking the decision yourself if you feel its necessary, can be passed on to charities who are always grateful for such items for under privileged children.  Your children will probably be happy to know that another child is going to enjoy their old toys. If they are reluctant to give up their old toys, perhaps explaining that they are likely to get more toys next year, if they create the space for them. .

Take time to check out the different containers available and when you go to buy them, make sure your children are with you.  They can then be involved in choosing the colours or styles.  Including the children in this way will make them eager to get back home and pack all their toys away neat and tidy, and you will get your home back too!

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  1. Great Article! Very true! Lol

  2. Reminds me of my own situation. It’s all because of my husband’s mistake that he promises our daugther to buy her 1 toy every week.