Winter Boredom Busters for Kids

Little Girl Daydreaming Out Classroom WindowThe cold, snowy weather for certain areas of the United States is here. Cold and snow often means that we are stuck inside. Going out to play in the snow is great fun and good exercise for the kids. If it is too cold, however, there is the chance of frostbite and staying indoors is a necessity. Since kids have so much energy and need to be active this can sometimes become stressful.

To help your kids keep busy and active during the cold winter months why not try these boredom busters below.

  • Get out the Play-Doh and be creative. I know that a lot of moms do not like Play-Doh because it can be messy, but if it keeps them busy it is worth it. You can always clean up afterwards. Make sure that you are sitting at the kitchen table and avoid any carpeted areas.
  • Arts and Crafts. This is a wide category that encompasses so much. Kids love to create things with their hands and it is good for them too. Bring out the crayons, paper, glue, scissors, old magazines, stencils, coloring books, yarn, paints and whatever else you like and go at it. You can either let them lead the way or have a few planned projects that they can make under your direction. Again, the kitchen table. Do not worry about a little mess. It can be cleaned up. Enlist the help of your children when you are all done.
  • Indoor exercise. Have an exercise class with your kids. Go to the largest room in your house and push things out of the way clearing the middle of the floor. Play Simon Says and let them follow your lead.

When you are dealing with kids you have to learn to be creative and thoughtful. Make sure that you have some good back up plans always to keep them busy. By doing this not only will they benefit from it, but you will too.

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  1. Natural Health Goodies says:

    I would add to that list hide and seek – gets them up and moving and thinking creatively – plus you get to “rest” for a bit while you hide and they find. :)