Seize the Moment in 2010

Baby girl (3-6 months) holding womans hand, close-upLife is too short to be unhappy.

Yeah, I know, you’ve heard this saying a million times over. I have, too. But, as cliched as it may be, it’s completely true.

The new year is a time of self-reflection. Even if you’re not the type of person to make new year’s resolutions, now is a great time to examine your life. Are you where you want to be? What do you want to improve about yourself?

I’m committing to seizing the moment in 2010. I want to enjoy my child at every stage in his life and not get caught up in petty complaints about changing diapers and picking up toys. Sure, diapers aren’t fun but it’s part of being a baby and, before I know it, I won’t have a baby any longer. So I better enjoy it now.

I want to get out and volunteer. You and I know very well how limited a mother’s time is. But there is still time to volunteer once in awhile. If your kids are older, make a learning opportunity out of helping an organization in your community. You’ll help a local cause and, yes, “when you give you receive.”

I want to be more assertive. Instead of wondering why I’m left out of the clique at playgroup, I’ll invite all the moms to my house for our own group.

I want to be productive but not spend every extra moment fretting that I should be getting something done. Sometimes you need to sit back and just enjoy life.

So… what are the areas in your life you’d like to improve? Have you adopted a new attitude for 2010?

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About Sarah Valek

Sarah Valek is a freelance writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. She has written numerous articles on alternative parenting and the challenges of raising a vegan child in a meat-eating world. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in writing and art from Ithaca College. She spends her days drinking soy lattes and taking her son bird-watching.

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