The Purse Hook

The Purse Hook takes the fuss out of wondering where to set your purse when you go out. It keeps your purse close so you have less worry about theft as well as reduces the risk of carrying germs around with you

Women have a sense of style, as well as a knack for creating objects to suit their needs. The Purse Hook is one of those classic objects women of today will find as classy and useful as their mothers and grandmothers once did. When it comes to paying $19.95 to $39.95 for a product it has to be good. The Purse Hook is such a product. When I think of the price I remember how often I’ll use it and the benefits of the Purse Hook. It’s not too often that you find something fashionable as well as useful. This is a great product for everyone!

Whether you go out to eat or you need to change the baby in a changing room all women face one obstacle, where do you place your purse? While many places have taken this into consideration and provided hooks, there are times when you are left with no choice but to place your purse or diaper bag on the floor.

Let’s think about this for a minute. We tell our children not to eat off the floor. Why, because of germs. We also tell them to wash their hands often for the same reason. Did you know the moment we lay our purses or bags on the floor germs gather on the bottom of it? It is a fact I myself have neglected to consider, until now. Let’s just say that studies have found some really disgusting germs we’d rather not mention on the bottom of women’s purse. Where do these germs go? They travel along with us wherever we go; in the car, at home, to the office where these germs can make us sick without us even realizing it. The Purse Hook can help reduce the risk of becoming sick by carrying around these germs.

With many new styles in the works, the Purse Hook may become the next big gift on everyone’s list! With a simple, yet classic design, and the small size, the Purse Hook is ideal for a women’s purse, diaper bag and even backpacks weighing up to 35 pounds. This is one of those great products you never realized you needed until you have one!

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Submitted by: Melody Schubert; Martinsville, IN

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