How to Organize Your Day

woman putting dishes in a dishwasherIf you look around America today, it’s safe to say that there are tons of us who are unorganized.

Whether it’s in forums, chat rooms, magazines, or any other media outlet, there is a plethora of organizational tips you can gather. If you look at all of them, you will find that each one talks about having a daily routine.

Are you wondering what the daily routine is and how it can help you get organized?

The easiest way to explain it is that a routine is another word for habit. It’s basically something you do the same way over a long period of time, and you really don’t even think about it anymore. This is extremely easy to do, all you have to do is understand the concept.

Routine before Bed – Take Twenty Minutes to work in one area of your home:

1. Kitchen– make it a rule that before you go to bed all the dishes are done. You can either wash them by hand or utilize your dishwasher if one is available.

2. Living Room– take the time to pick up anything that doesn’t belong and place it where it’s supposed to go.

3. Bathroom– make sure all the clothes and towels are up off the floor and put into the laundry.

4. Bedroom– make sure your clothes are picked up here as well, but a good routine is to pick out your clothes for the following day.

Planning your day ahead of time is also extremely helpful. Just think about all the things you may need to do tomorrow, and write it down. When you clear your mind of these situations, it’s possible they can help you sleep better.

Your Routine in the Morning – Focus on Getting your Day Off Right

1. Clear out the dishwasher.

2. Make breakfast and clean those dishes when you are done eating.

3. Be aware of the events on your calendar.

4. Place your dinner in the fridge if it needs to be thawed.

5. Do some laundry before you leave.

The Afternoon Routine – if you are home during the day, take the time to clean those areas you missed before.

Keeping up with the laundry will be important, and if you just dry, fold, and put away a load of clothes you will feel much better.

What it comes down to is the more routines you have in your daily life, the easier it will be to keep the house clean and stay ahead of the game. Eventually these will become second nature and you won’t even think about it when you do them. It might take a little practice, but if you can create your own daily routines and get organized, your life will change for the better.

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