The Meaning of the Shamrock

Shamrock, close-upIt is believed, although there is no proof, the shamrock, a small plant with three leaves, is considered extremely sacred in Ireland. This plant, because of its three leaves represented the Trinity. St. Patrick used the shamrock to illustrate how the church could be separate, yet also part of the same.

In Ireland if you wore the shamrock back in the 1700s you would be put to death by hanging. The shamrock was worn by the Irish to let the English know they were against them.

Today, many people believe that if you find a shamrock you will have good luck. The shamrock is still very well known, however, now it symbolizes good feelings. An Irish bride has the shamrock put into her bridal bouquet and the groom in his boutonniere. This is supposed to bring them good luck in their marriage. Many people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day now and not just the Irish. You will see green drinks, green food, green hair, shamrocks and even a green river its honor.

Yes, the Chicago River is dyed green every year since 1962. People from everywhere come to watch this festive event. To see the Chicago River turning green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day go to

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