Hula Hooping: Not Just For Kids Anymore!

mother and daughter (10-11) playing with hula hoops at the edge of a lakeConsidered a new form of aerobic exercise, hula hooping or hooping, can help you to tone your muscles and burn up those calories. There are even hooping classes now for Mom, and Dad too if he wants to participate.

The hoop used in this aerobic activity is a larger size than a child’s is. The hoop used is approximately 35 to 40 inches round. It is weighted as well, about 2 pounds. These weighted hoops make it easier, believe it or not, as they are moving more slowly around your body.

There are several health benefits in hooping. Some of these include:

  • Increased heart rate for a good cardiovascular workout
  • The whole body is worked out and not just one area
  • Blood flow is increased to your brain and other areas of your body
  • Coordination and energy level increase
  • Muscles are strengthened and flexibility increases

Hooping is a great all over exercise and it will not be long before you start to see your waistline whittle down. Other areas of your body that can be toned are your arms, your legs and your hips.

If you cannot find a hooping class near you or would rather “hoop” it up at home try using a hooping instructional DVD. Remember hooping is not your kid’s hooping, but your very own.

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