Dressing Your Preemie

caucasian babyAll babies are a miracle. You love to dress them up, take them out and show them off. What if your baby was born just a little too soon though? You are so blessed to have these little babies. What a gift!

Dressing a preemie can be especially challenging. You want them to be dressed extra special, but the only clothes that your preemie can fit into our doll clothes, which is fine. However, the material of a doll’s clothes are less than desirable. You really hesitate to put this material against your preemie’s delicate skin.

At http://www.preemiesrus.com/catalog/index.php you can buy your baby some little tiny clothes that are stylish and warm also. At Preemies R Us your little one is offered several varieties for his or her wardrobe. The sizes are perfect and range to fit a baby that is between one and 8 pounds. You do not have to spend your time searching for just the right sized doll clothing for your new miracle. We take all of the worries from you so you can use this time instead to ogle over your new arrival. Your new baby needs all the time with his new mama and daddy that he can get to get a good start in life.

Leave the worries to Preemies R Us and save all your energy for them.

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