Plant a “TickleMe”

Girl smelling flowers

Do your kids like to garden? Many children enjoy watching the changes in their plant as it grows taller and bigger. Here is an interesting plant that your child will find quite intriguing.

The TickleMe plant, which has been the topic of some popular daytime television shows, is a plant that moves when it is stimulated. The scientific name for this remarkable plant is mimosa pudica. The TickleMe plant grows in tropical areas. Other names that it is referred by are the Sleeping Grass, Sensitive Plant, Shy Plant, Humble Plant, Modest Princess, Noli Me Tangere and Touch-Me-Not.

With its lovely pink flowers the TickleMe plant can grow several feet in height, as well as width. When it is touched its leaves tend to curl in causing startling movement, which is usually unseen in a plant. Scientific experts are not quite sure why this happens.  The TickleMe plant can grow for many years, as much as 18 or more!

Why not treat your children to the amazing world of science and plant a TickleMe plant. More about this plant can be seen at their website at This will not just be interesting for the child, but for the parent as well!

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