Apple 16 GB iPod Touch


This MP3 has all the convenience of a large screen and the capability to play all your music, see your videos and pictures. Plus this iPod also has web page capabilities and wireless networking.

Review: This iPod is the first I have ever owned. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I decided to try this but wouldn’t be without it now.

I really like the slim feature of this iPod. I can carry it with me anywhere and don’t have to worry about it being big or bulky. That’s a plus in my fast paced world. I don’t have room or time for anything I really have to fumble with to get in and out of my backpack. Plus the screen is scratch resistant.

This iPod is so easy to use even for me. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing when it comes to these electronic gadgets. I usually fumble through or ask one of my well versed kids how it works. This iPod was simple for me to learn and use. I was amazed at how fast I picked up on it.

I also like the high quality screen. It’s slim, but large enough to make watching my videos and TV shows easy and fun. Seeing the music displays so easily makes it a lot more fun than I would have thought too.

It also has internet capabilities. I really like that. It can be kind of slow but with a little patience it gets you where you want to go and I like that. It doesn’t replace my desktop as far as searching but in a pinch away from home it does everything I need it to do.

The memory capacity is great on this iPod. It holds everything I need and more. I couldn’t ask for a better piece of technology. If you’re looking for an iPod that is slim, easy to understand and use and has the capabilities to do just about anything you want from an iPod I would suggest this one. It makes a great gift too – I bought one for my husband for Christmas and he loves it.

Where To Buy: Apple iPod touch 16 GB without Software Updates

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