Roses for Mom on Mother’s Day

Close-up of a young woman with a bunch of rosesMother’s Day is the day to honor that special woman in your life, your Mom. Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in the month of May. Celebrate Mom for all that she has taught you, the sacrifices that she has made for you and the love that she has bestowed upon you.

Roses are a great way of showing Mom that she is special. Did you know that the rose has a special meaning depending on what color you choose?

Here is a breakdown of what each color rose means:

* Red roses represent love, particularly romance. They also say, “I respect you.” A single long-stemmed red rose means, “I love you.”

* Pink roses say, “I admire you and appreciate you.” Dark pink represents gratefulness. Light pink represents joy, gentleness and sympathy.

* Yellow roses represent gladness and friendship.

* Orange roses represent enthusiasm.

* Black roses say, “Farewell and good-bye.”

* Peach colored roses symbolize sincerity and gratitude.

* Lavender roses represent enchantment.

* White roses represent purity and innocence.

What message do you want to convey to your mother through the color of a rose? You may just want to give your mother her favorite color roses and disregard their meanings. Whatever you do decide do not forget to buy your mother flowers this year on Mother’s Day. Many people feel that flower giving is pointless and wasteful, but how can something that brings joy, beauty and happiness to another be a waste?

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