4 Tips For Mom’s Planning Birthday Parties

4 Tips For Mom’s Planning Birthday Parties
by Meryl Rose

Many moms believe that hosting a birthday party is filled with more energy, creativity and patience than they think they have. This is simply not true! I have gathered some of my favorite party planning tips, For more hints and ideas and some great birthday party ideas, please make sure to visit http://www.chitchatformommies.com.

1. Start Planning Early – But Not Too Early

If possible, begin planning your party 4 – 5 weeks in advance. Allowing plenty of time for on-line shopping, cake orders, party site shopping and enlisting any friends, family or teenagers you may want to help.

If you begin to plan the party too early, you run the risk that your child will change his/her mind as to the theme/location/cake type, etc.

Just the same, if you begin planning too late, you run the risk that your site is booked or your 1st choice party favors are on back-order.

2. Pick a Theme

Whether you are looking for something simple at your favorite pizza place or you want an elaborate princess or pirate party, selecting a theme will help you organize your thoughts. Even if the theme is something as simple as your child’s favorite color – you will then plan all of your party supply purchases, games and decorations around that theme.

3. The Best Party Times Are. . .

1 – 3pm or 2 – 4pm if the kids have grown out of nap-times. All you will need to do is serve a few finger foods/munchie stuff if you want parents to stay (no need for munchies if parents aren’t staying – but it is a nice touch).

If kids are still napping, try to aim for 10 – 11:30. Lunch isn’t necessary – but it would certainly be a nice touch.

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Children remember what they did at a party, much more than what they ate, what the plates and napkins looked like or whether the house had a speck of dirt on the floor!!

Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy the celebration of your child’s special day!

Meryl D. Rose is a mommy to an adorable 5 1/2 year old girl and has been married for almost 13 years to a wonderfully supportive husband. Meryl has over twenty years’ experience teaching and counselling children and parents both in and out of the classroom. Meryl was bitten by the proverbial computer bug and created www.chitchatformommies.com – a website created by moms for moms. Once you enter the website, you will find brand-new as well as time-tested, creative and simple solutions to help multi-tasking moms of today thrive in their most important roles – as mommies.


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