Patio Paver Art

Patio Paver Art

Summer is here and for most of us the cry of boredom has become an everyday song. How many of you out there have a garage, basement, or shed full of leftover paint? Well, here is a fun, inexpensive way to let our children become involved in making a colorful addition to any garden.


Patio Pavers



Spray Sealer


The first step is to find the size, shape, and color of the patio paver you wish to use. Leftover ones work great or you can purchase them for less than a dollar a piece at any home improvement or garden center. With a parents help, gather all the paint colors you have to choose from. Next, clean the blocks with water making sure to get all the dirt off before painting and makes sure to dry them as well. Now comes the fun part, decorate your patio paver with whatever the imagination creates. One idea is to use handprints; using your child’s handprint for this project gives us a lasting memory to cherish and share with them as they get older. Another great idea would be to paint flowers, bugs, stars, sun or moon, or a beautiful and memorable scene. After the paint has dried, preferably over night, have an adult spray the blocks with the sealer. When that has dried over night as well, it is now time to place them for display in a flower or rock garden. Another great idea is to use them for drink coasters depending on the size of the blocks you have chosen. Walkways, patios, or even hang them on the wall. This project also makes a great gift idea.

This project is great for outdoor fun and gives children a chance to let their creativity shine. Everyone will be amazed at all the pretty colors and mom will be happy for a chance to get rid of those extra cans of paint.

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