Medical Emergencies: What Your Kids Should Know

First Aid KitEver since you first laid eyes on your baby in the delivery room, you have probably given much thought to your child’s safety and well-being. From the time you wrapped your infant in his or her first baby receiving blanket you’ll always want the best for them. That is why it is so important to prepare them for every emergency situation they may face in life. The question that many parents have is what to teach them about for emergencies?

Having a first aid kit around the house is only half the battle. The kit will do you and your children no good if they are not taught how to use it. Whether they have been scraped and need a band aid or they are bleeding profusely and need bandaging gauze, it is essential that they know (before the emergency occurs) where the first aid kit is and how to use the contents therein. Take some time aside every year to refresh your children on the uses of each of the components within the emergency kit. Children tend to forget and if they are reminded as they grow, they will be better prepared for the inevitable medical emergencies that come their way.

Something that the first aid kit isn’t going to help with is choking. Choking happens to many children and if they can recognize the signs of choking, they’ll be much more help than if not. Teach them what choking is and how to avoid it. Refresh their memories as to what to do when they or their siblings are choking. Kids who are taught how to avoid choking as well as how to recognize it and what to do for it will be better prepared for choking related medical emergencies.

The emergency number 911 is something that we all assume everyone knows. Children, though, are mostly taught not to call it. Having a serious conversation with your child to let them know it’s only alright to call it in an emergency will help them to get help when an adult is not present. Indeed, when children are prepared for emergencies, they will be in far less danger than if otherwise.

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