TV Shows That Teach Your Toddlers

Thinkstock single image setIt can be very tempting to throw your toddler in front of the television set in order to get things done. Some parents use their toddler-television time to clean the house, get showered, or catch up on a little relaxation. It seems harmless to turn on the tube and let your toddler enjoy him or herself. What many parents don’t realize, however, is that toddlers are at a critical stage in their development. They are able to take in a wealth of knowledge and that precious time should not be wasted. That is why the next time you want to flip on the tube, you should have your toddler watching TV shows that can really teach them something. So what shows should you flip your DISH Network programming on to?

Most parents are aware of Sesame Street and its wonderful episodes that teach numbers and letters along with making the right moral decisions. The wonderful truth, though, is that there are several types of educational shows on television that can help your toddler to learn more. It’s great to have a lot to choose from so that you don’t go crazy with only one or two. Some of the more educational programs for children include shows like Arthur, Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat, Barney, Angelina Ballerina, Between the Lions, Caillou and TeleTubbies. The best part about these educational television series is that they are free.

Of course, many parents are interested in investing a few dollars into advancing their toddler’s education when they are young. For those who have a few dollars to spare, there are some wonderful DVD sets and DISH Network on demand programs that can also help your toddler to advance and develop. The Your Baby Can Read DVD has received quite a bit of buzz for its ability to develop a child’s reading comprehension. The secret to this program is the fact that toddlers have the ability to sponge in so much knowledge while they are at that sensitive age. By providing educational programs for them at this crucial age, they will have much more success with learning than when their brains are fully developed. Many parents feel guilty for sticking their toddlers in front of the television in order to get that much-needed break. Instead, feel proud for giving your child an exceptional learning experience at that crucial age.

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