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How to Look Great With Kids in Tow

How to Look Great With Kids in Tow

Mother and Daughter with Baby in CarThere are plenty of ways to continue looking great during all stages of motherhood. It is important to pay attention to your health during pregnancy as well as breast-feeding, but looking great doesn’t stop there! Here are a few amazing fashion and beauty tips to help you feel and look great as a mom!

During Pregnancy: With so many stylish maternity clothes, it’s easy to look great during pregnancy. Even without makeup or a great outfit, you will look amazing because of your pregnancy glow. Do not be afraid to spend a little extra on those comfortable clothes that will make you look amazing. Confidence is an important part of how you look and feel, so splurge a little on yourself at least once or twice during your pregnancy, you won’t regret it! You should look into tankinis, one pieces, and womens plus size swimwear as well, they’re very flattering for a baby bump!

Post Pregnancy: In terms of fashion and style, post-pregnancy can be the biggest challenge! Everyone’s body responds differently post-pregnancy, and you will be losing weight for a few months just by going back to your regular routine. What is important here is not purchasing new clothes for each weight level, but taking advantage of the clothes you have that do not need to be too fitted. Loose dresses and sweaters won’t make you feel like you’re swimming in your older sister’s clothes again, but rather let you feel comfortable and stylish while hiding your pregnancy weight.

Kids in Tow: One of the most stressful times of being a parent is when you first begin having older or multiple children to take with you to every restaurant, grocery store and shopping mall. Busy moms rarely have time to look after themselves, so here are a few tips to help you when you’re on a time budget.

  • Make-up: You probably won’t have time for a full make-up routine; in fact, you’ll barely have time to take showers. However, throwing on a little eyeliner, lipstick or lip gloss can make a huge difference. Make your eyes and lips pop with these minor additions and you won’t even need a full make-up routine! Let’s face it; this way is much better for your skin anyway!
  • Clothes: Try for some boot cut jeans; they are much more flattering than the skinny and wide alternatives, and they balance your hips and bum to make you look more slender. You might not have time for more than jeans and a tee, so invest in some stylish overcoats and cardigans. You can throw a classy coat over a less-than-classy outfit and feel a bit dressier.
  • Health: A huge issue for moms is healthy eating. It is hard to have enough energy when you are constantly looking after your kids, but it should be pretty easy to eat healthy foods. Rather than opting for easy frozen meals, or chips and cookies for snacks, reach for the produce and fruit. An apple is just as easy to eat as a bag of Doritos, and much better for you. This will help you have more energy and feel much better about yourself! With simple changes like this, you’ll find yourself browsing through the womens bikini swimwear section again in no time!
  • Beauty: If you are able to get a day for yourself once a month, or even every 8-12 weeks, consider some semi-permanent beauty remedies such as an eyebrow or leg waxing. Use this day to get your hair cut and styled, or even splurge on a manicure. There may be little time to complete these simple tasks regularly, but a beauty treat once every month, or every other month, can do wonders for your looks!

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