My Baby – Is He Warm Enough?

Portrait Newborn Baby Wrapped In BlanketOne question that many new moms have is how to tell if their baby is dressed warmly enough. As a mom, we tend to overdress our new baby. We want to make sure that he is warm and snug, but not too warm and snug.

Knowing how much clothing to put on the new baby takes some practice. It is true that a newborn does have some difficulty keeping the same body temperature at first. As they grow, however, it will become more regular.

Check the warmth of your baby’s head, the back of his neck, his hands and feet. If your baby is warm in these areas, he is sleeping well, eating well and is calm then do not fret. He is warm. Some signs that he is too warm are sweaty or rashy skin. If he does not feel warm enough then put more clothing on especially booties on the feet and a hat, as most of the body temperature is lost through the head.

Dress your baby as you would yourself, neither overdressing or under dressing with one additional layer of clothing being sufficient. Your baby should feel just right and neither too cool or too warm.

Above all, do not worry. Your baby will let you know when something is wrong and you will sense it. Relax and let your motherly instincts guide you.

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