7 Very Expensive Things Recently Sold on Ebay

View of a couple sitting on a dock beside a cruise shipIn a few short years, Ebay has become the world’s garage sale. Whether you are buying or selling, there’s always a dollar or two to be made – or that hard to find item at bargain basement prices. However the online auction site has had its share of whoppers as well. Here are seven very expensive items that have sold on Ebay in recent years.

7. Round of Golf With Tiger Woods ($425,000)

I bet this can be had for a lot less these days but a few years ago, almost half a million dollars was the asking price when a round with Tiger was auctioned off. I wonder if this included green fees?

6. Money For Disadvantaged Kids ($425,000)

Big-ticket items on Ebay are not all about greed. This auction to raise money for disadvantaged kids went for a lot! And it’s good to see that people are still willing to open their wallets for charity. This is where the big money should be spent.

5. Black Betty ($577,610)

Shoeless Joe Jackson has become one of the great legends of the game of baseball and you had to swing for the fences if you wanted to own his favorite bat, Black Betty. Fetching way over half a million dollars, the bat is one of the most expensive items ever sold on Ebay. Was the fix in?

4. Honus Wagner Baseball Card ($1.6 million)

One of the rarest sports cards around, Honus Wagner’s 1909 baseball card soared past a cool million, placing it near the top of this list. Why buy a house when you can own a baseball card? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

3. Out To Lunch ($2.1 million)

What’s a few million to a hungry businessman who wants to have lunch with billionaire Warren Buffet? Honestly it makes for a nice contribution to charity, which is where the money raised by this auction went. A couple of million will feed a lot of poor, hungry mouths. Now that’s fine dining.

2. Gulf Stream II Jet ($4.5 million)

Why not buy a corporate jet on Ebay? You’ll save on shipping as the thing can just be flown to your home. Auction off tickets to 14 lucky passengers and you’ll get your purchase price back, making this item a steal at any price. Return your wallet to the upright and locked position and fasten your seatbelts.

1. Yacht Deposit ($85 million)

You can’t put a price on good publicity, or can you? When 4Yacht was trying to drum up interest in their boat design, they auctioned off a 50% share in the finished boat for a paltry $85 million dollars. What was even more astounding is that it sold at that price. Considering the percentage Ebay takes from every winning bid, they did all right here.

And there you have it. With Ebay regularly selling houses, cars, boats and planes, I’m sure these item prices will one day be topped. What’ll they be selling next? Planets?

This article was written by Andrew Salmon. He writes for a life insurance website called LifeCover.ca.

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