The Bathroom is a Mommy’s Haven- Make it Look like One

Is your bathroom a Mommy’s haven like it should be? Turning it into one is easier than you think. After a long day at the office there is nothing more relaxing than a long hot bath. If you can add a few touches to create a haven for yourself, the experience will be all the more worthwhile. Here are a few ideas to help you create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your bathroom – no matter how small it may be.

1. Bring on pampering treatments – like bath salts, bath milks, scents, and even herbal teas. Besides adding to the relaxing atmosphere, many of the products are actually good for the skin – so you benefit both ways. You can emerge from your bath looking and feeling better.

2. Bubbles – besides bringing back pleasant memories from your childhood days, bubbles will surround you with a soft, gentle, luxurious lather. Get some delicious bubble bath and indulge in the aromatherapy.

3. Music – while not all musical appliances are safe to use in the bathroom, there are some specifically designed for safe use around humid areas. Music is considered food for the soul – and some mellow laid back music will only enhance the experience. Pandora is a great program to use which will give you music according to your tastes. If you prefer not to listen to music, however, you could always consider listening to natural sounds – like water running, or sounds from a forest.

4. Candles – using the gentle light offered by candles will change the atmosphere completely. The lesser amount of light tends to distract from the harsh surfaces, allowing you to concentrate on what you are physically feeling. Additionally, you may want to use them to create a romantic atmosphere – if your bath is big enough to accommodate two people.

5. Add a Frame Mirror– using a frame mirror will benefit you two ways: Firstly, the mirror creates the illusion of the bathroom being larger than it actually is, and secondly it will create the most wonderful lighting effects if used in conjunction with candles. Both of these will add to your relaxing enjoyment.

6. Getting out of the bath should also be a pleasant experience – so add some thick, quality towels, and a plush bathmat to step onto when you rise from your bath. Have a soft bathrobe ready to use.

7. Round off the experience – with an ample supply of lotions and creams to use as you choose. Natural creams will allow you to moisturize your skin (which, contrary to public belief, is actually dried out in a hot bath). When you emerge from the bathroom, you should feel refreshed and pampered.

Finally, consider re-arranging your bathroom and looking up some design tips before you begin. The typical bathroom is cluttered, but not with what you would use to pamper yourself with. Add some storage space if need be, and get all the unnecessary stuff out of the way.

At the end of the day, your bathroom needs to be a Mommy’s haven. Once you close your eyes and let yourself down into the hot water, the mere sensation should take your mind away from all the daily stress. Ideally, you should always look forward to the moment when you can enter your bathroom and relax!

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