Prenatal Advice – Three Ways to Keep You and Your Unborn Healthy

PillsTaking care of you and your children’s health is a full-time job. This job begins the second you get pregnant. Many studies have come to show that the health of an unborn child relies heavily upon the decisions that you as the mother makes. There are several ways to keep you and your unborn healthy; it’s up to you to put them into effect.

Chewable prenatal vitamins – these are essential to the health and development of any unborn child. It can be tempting to bypass prenatal pills altogether for those who struggle with keeping anything down as a result of morning sickness. Even if morning sickness is not to blame, some people have always struggled with swallowing pills. Chewable prenatal vitamins are the answer to that problem. Prenatal vitamins provide the nutrition that you and the baby would otherwise probably not even get. That’s why it’s incredibly important to give both you and your baby the proper nutrition throughout the entire pregnancy.

Get adequate exercise. Many women are under the impression that they need to stop all physical activities when pregnant; while in fact, the opposite is true. No, you should not be lifting heavy objects and it’s important that you do not exhaust yourself. After all, your body is working hard already to create another being. Exercise, though, should absolutely be continued throughout your pregnancy if kept moderate and done according to your doctors’ specifications. Exercise has been shown to boost moods, improve sleep, and reduce aches and pains as well as to help the body to prepare for childbirth by strengthening muscles and building endurance. Exercise is indeed a fantastic way to keep both you and your unborn baby healthy.

Take care of dental hygiene.  Neglecting dental hygiene has been proven to have seriously negative effects upon unborn children as well as their mothers. Thanks to the incredible increase in hormone levels for pregnant women, they are put at a much higher risk for issues such as pregnancy gingivitis, periodontal disease and pregnancy tumors. Only in the last several years has it become known that the health of the mouth directly affects the health of the fetus for both good and bad. In fact, some studies show that more than half of all pregnancies have resulted with women affected by pregnancy gingivitis. Understanding what a huge risk it is to neglect dental hygiene while pregnant will certainly help more expectant mothers to pay attention to their dental hygiene and keep their teeth taken care of in order to keep both them and their babies healthy.

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