How To Find Housing Grants For Single Parents

There is no rule that says you can’t own your own home if you’re a single parent. The truth is that there are plenty of home grants available for single mothers and fathers. The problem is that single parents often do not know how to access these funds. If you want to own your own home and your pennies are already pinched as it is, what do you do?

Obviously the easiest places to contact for single parent grants in your area are your local social services office or your local housing department. These offices usually have quite a bit of information on the different resources that are available to single mothers, home grants included. The internet is another good place to search but you have to be careful. There are unfortunately also scamming individuals out there who are more than happy to take advantage of you while you are vulnerably searching for financial aid for your housing situation. Here are a few hints to avoid getting taken advantage of:

1. Do not pay for any home grants search program. There is no such thing as a grant or mortgage that is only available to people who pay for website subscriptions. If the grant is legitimate you will be able to find it without the help of a membership or subscription site.

2. Make sure that the grant is connected to an organization with a brick and mortar headquarters. If you cannot visit the company or organization offering the grant then you should not apply for it! This does not mean that you should only apply for grants in your local area – but make sure that the grants you do apply for are connected to real businesses that you can verify via the Better Business Bureau, local business registries, telephone and snail mail. Be wary of any post office box addresses that do not seem to be connected to a street address as well.

3. Never pay for any sort of grant information. While there are many grants that charge application fees, most legitimate home grants application processes for single mothers will only require a fee when you actually file the application. If someone tries to charge you for the application itself, you should run away as quickly as you can!

One of the best ways to find financial assistance for a new home is to look into non profit organizations that provide housing to low income and single parent families. These charities and non profit organizations will usually have information available on how you can obtain the housing that they work so hard to provide. Habitat for Humanity is one organization that builds houses for the underprivileged. There are other non profit and charity organizations that will be able to help you find mortgages and financing and they will help you find these for free!

Buying your own house as a single mother is possible. Do your research and keep at it and before you know it; you will be making a down payment on your very own home!

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