Summer Safety Tips for Parents

SpainSummer break is every child’s favorite part of the school year. But as a parent it can be hard to enjoy the warm months when you’re too busy worrying about what they’re up to all day. This is especially true if you happen to work.  Without school, it is much more difficult to keep tabs on what they’re doing and whom they’re hanging out with. An easy way to help you feel more comfortable during the summer is to lay out some basic ground rules and expectations. Not only can this help keep them safe, but it’ll also give you the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your summer.

Below are some basic safety tips to go over with your kids to help make this summer better for them, as well as easier on you.

Encourage protection from the sun. Teach your children at an early age to always use sunscreen when outside for a prolonged period of time – like at a baseball game or on the beach. Make it fun by mixing in a little fashion help as well. Outfitting them with a hat can lessen sun exposure to the face and neck – two spots extremely vulnerable to contact with the sun.

Preach safety in numbers. Summer is often a time when children will travel around the neighborhood riding bikes, playing games or just hanging out. Teach them the importance of doing this in groups whenever possible. It’s also a good idea to review stranger danger, depending on their age. This becomes even more important as it starts to get dark, so encourage them to travel home together when curfew hits. You can even offer to drive their friends home so everyone can travel together.

Teach basic traffic safety. Unless you live in a near-deserted area, basic traffic safety should come into play at some point over the summer. This is especially important for older children. For them, bike safety is key since most rarely go anywhere during the summer without their bike. Helmets should be mandatory. You should also stress the importance of staying on the sidewalk when possible and crossing the street at lights and crosswalks at all times. Registering their bike with the local police force can also be useful in the event of theft.

Keep the house cool. A comfortable home can be a great thing for kids to come home to after a long summer day outside. It can also be a great motivator for them to come home on time for a change. Make sure your home is equipped with a cooling device of some kind. Whether you have central air conditioning, an electric fan or a small portable air conditioner you use in certain rooms, make sure the unit works properly before it gets too hot. You might also want to cover windows that receive prolonged exposure to the sun.

Keep lines of communication open. Communication is key when children are out of school – especially when one or more parents work during the day. Encourage your children to check in with you regularly. Even if it’s a simple text message, a quick note will ensure you know what’s going on and what your children have planned. It will also help to give you added peace of mind.

Mike Tennant is a freelance writer and columnist focusing on health and lifestyle topics. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Mike currently works with Air Conditioner Home as an online consultant helping customers in their search for the best portable air conditioners.

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