The Truth About Cellulite

Woman with Liposuction MarkingsIt is one of women’s greatest beauty worries, that awful dimpling known as cellulite. Cellulite can affect even women that are thin and young. Cellulite lies just underneath the skin and is comprised of fat, water and toxins. Its target areas are the thighs, the buttocks and even the knee area. It resembles the skin of an orange, hence its name, orange peel skin.

Cellulite affects women more than men because the female body has more fat percentage than a man’s body, approximately 25 per cent. Men have approximately half of that and then usually only in their abdomens. This also does not happen until a man is in his forties also.

Cellulite is also thought to have some genetics behind it. If Mom has it, you will probably not escape it either. Poor circulation also has something to do with cellulite as does limited periods of movement. Smoking, stress and excessive dieting also encourage the chances of developing cellulite.

To help eliminate or at least decrease cellulite you need to get your weight at a reasonable number and exercise regularly. Massages help with cellulite as well. The kneading motion of the hands on the skin help to break up the toxins underneath the skin.

Help to combat cellulite and get in the swing of things. No progress is made if you just sit back and keep saying, “I will do it tomorrow”, because tomorrow never comes if you do not make things happen on you own.

Get rid of cellulite and help to keep it under control. Get fit, trim and healthy today!

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