Moms Cooking School

Mother and Daughter Preparing FoodIt’s summer, your children are bored, & you’re looking for an inexpensive way to entertain them!

Don’t let your children spend hours watching TV & playing video games!  It’s time to start “Mom’s Cooking School!”

Here’s the plan…

1. Start with a trip to your local library to check out a few children’s cookbooks.

2. Let your children choose the “Cooking School” recipe each week.

3. Set aside a day & time each week for “Mom’s Cooking School”…it will be something they can look forward to!

4. Pretend you’re a food network chef & teach your children well!

Don’t forget that with “Mom’s Cooking School” there is an added bonus…once your children know how to cook, let them cook one night per week, and you’ll have a night off from kitchen duty!

Just think…when you’ve been busy volunteering at the school all day, you can go home & relax while your kids do the cooking instead of settling for expensive drive-thru food!

Here’s how it would work…

1. Each child (that is old enough) will be in charge of preparing dinner & cleaning up one night each week.

2. They must have their ingredient list to you before you go grocery shopping since a last minute trip to the grocery store would really defeat the purpose of this project!

3. Now, here is your one and only instruction…give them free reign in the kitchen, don’t hover & don’t tell them what to cook!

Your kids will love to do the cooking because they will get to eat their favorites! You’ll love for your kids to do the cooking because you’ll have a  night off from kitchen duty!

Your wallet will love for your kids to do the cooking because just 1 night a week of fast food costs at least $25! Don’t you have something you’d rather spend $25 on???

Now, go enjoy whatever your children cook this week…even if it’s macaroni & cheese from a box!

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