Treadmill Workout for Losing Postpartum Weight

Postpartum period may be the most intense period of a woman’s life. There’s a baby filling your heart with joy, but there are also those extra pounds that weren’t there prior to getting pregnant.

Shedding those extra pounds is already a difficult challenge, much more with a baby that takes most of your time. But it is not impossible, it can be done and your body and mind may be once again in a very good shape.

What is the one thing that can help you pull this off successfully? Working out! Because, ladies, never think exercise is overrated! It is the best answer to many of our problems, not only physical but also mental.

What you have to invest are determination, ambition, consistency and some extra dollars in your own treadmill. Having your own treadmill offers great workout and frees you from worries such as not having the time, or having the baby to take care of. Both are valid problems, but they can be easily managed by having the equipment you need right in your home.

First of all make a plan. “I don’t have the time” can be turned into “I’ll workout when the baby is sleeping”. It’s easier to just not have the time, but it’s healthier to make time. So think about when you can assign at least 4 days a week/ 30 minutes a day to working out.

There are several workouts that you can choose from, according to your goals. If it’s abdominal fat you want to lose, aerobics is the right workout. There are many treadmills that offer generous and diverse aerobics workouts you can choose from. Aerobic provides great fitness and will make your abdomen nice and fit.

Walking and running are also good options. But there are things you must consider, since your body was quite stressed for 9 months. You are vulnerable and prone to injury, which is why you must workout at a comfortable pace. Light walks and runs are more than enough, at least for the first weeks. Keep exercising regularly and be confident.

Apart from these workouts, there is one that always pays off. Interval training is amazing for newly moms. And it goes like this:

  • First off, stretch for about 10 minutes. It’s important to prepare your body
  • Start with a pace that makes your heart rate rise, but not too much
  • Get to a pace that stresses your body harder, until you get the impression you are running out of breath
  • Recover for 2 minutes
  • Start a Speed/ Hill Interval and also add 1 % incline or more, if you feel you can handle it. Don’t overstress your body
  • Recover for 2 minutes, while keeping your incline. Lower it if you feel you can’t catch proper breaths
  • Return to Speed/ Hill Interval, but increase even more the incline level with 1%- Recover for 2 minutes by lowering your pace to 3.0 mph for the first minute, 2.5 mph for the second one and lower incline with 1% every half a minute
  • Cool Down with a pace of 2.5 mph and .5 incline for the first 2 minutes and no incline for the another 3 minutes.

During Speed/Hill Interval run faster than your regular pace, for as long as your breath allows it.

This is a great workout that will get you back your body and fitness.

Now, there is one thing that you must oversee before going into any training program. Since your body is in a fragile state, see your physician first in order to have a clear outlook on what you can and cannot handle at this point.

And equally important is to pay attention to your diet. You are now breastfeeding. Your baby needs your nutrients, your body also. Still, this is no reason to eat junk. Maintain a healthy diet and you and your baby will receive all necessary nutrients.

This may seem difficult, but don’t lose your determination and keep up the good work!

This article is written by Anna, a runner and treadmill user. Anna’s website is Here you can find useful information about, treadmill reviews and workouts. If you want to buy a treadmill, go to the treadmill offers section.

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