Top Four Summer Activities for Kids

It has been another hot summer for us, and it is difficult to keep cool and comfortable while still having fun sometimes. Kids love being outdoors, but we all run out of inspiration sometimes! Providing entertainment can be quite a challenge, especially if your kids expect you to pull out something new every day. Here are some ideas for fun summer activities for little ones!

1) Summer and water seem to go hand in hand.

Swimming is something that is fun for kids all ages, and for parents, too! If you don’t want to go to an outdoor swimming pool, or don’t have one nearby, you can set up a kiddy pool in the backyard or even just a garden hose! My kids and their little friends spent two hours spraying each other with a hose just yesterday, and had the time of their lives! A nice variety of this is filling balloons with a little water. Then let the kids have a balloon fight. Make sure to get cheap balloons, that break easily.

2) Do an insect hunt!

Take your kids to a park or nature reserve, and see how many different creepy-crawlies they can spot. Take a magnifying glass, pencils and paper so that they can draw what they see, and of course an insect book so that you can all look up what the bug you saw is called. Who can spot the largest number of different insects? This game can keep you occupied for hours.

3) A picnic is a fun activity for the whole family.

Preparing great finger foods together will provide everyone with some entertainment too! Some of my favorite foods for picnics, that are easy to make, are fruits salads, humus, muffins (with blueberries, for instance) and sandwiches of course. Make sure you bring a blanket, plates and cups, and enough to drink!

4) Playing with sand is another classic for the summer, isn’t it?

You must have some local playgrounds near your house, or otherwise you can buy your own sandpit and allow your kids to engage in hours of somewhat messy fun! If you have a sandpit in your yard, the great thing is that you can do something for yourself while your kids play. Reading a book in peace, for instance, must sound nice to you as well, right?

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  1. Victoria@WowZila says:

    These are great activities my kid tried to play video games all summer so we soon took it from him. He started to go out on his bike but trying to get him to do sports is near impossible.