Easy Ideas for Giving Your Home a Space-Saving Makeover

Space is a commodity that is difficult to obtain even in larger homes and apartments, but everyone keeps striving to find ways to get more of it. It seems the more space we have, the more stuff we find to fill it with! Industries have been built by creating and selling space saving devices, but some of the most helpful ways to create more space cost very little. If your home is starting to feel cluttered or overcrowded, here are tips to help you reorganize your living space.

The first step in a plan of action as you begin to give your home a space-saving makeover is to inventory current furnishings and belongings to avoid keeping useless possessions that are only taking up space. A lack of space leaves very little room for sentimentality. Be ruthless and honest about what things you don’t really use, and then sale these space grabbers or give them away to someone who will actually use them. Another suggestion is to choose one object which represents the best of the lot and dispose of the rest. For example, keep your favorite hat from Grandma’s collection and give the others to charity.

Once the house has been cleared of all unnecessary items, it is time to consider these easy ideas for creating more space:

  • Use ottomans, trunks or drawers that slide under the bed, coffee tables with doors, and any other furniture which provides hidden storage areas.
  • Consider furniture that does double duty such as a hide-a-bed, a futon, or bunk beds.
  • Choose several nice bar stools that can be used for eating at the kitchen island. This will eliminate the need for a table. They can be moved around as needed and will serve as extra seating when company is present. Kitchen bar stools are also easy to slide out of the way when not in use.
  • Consider installing retractable doors leading to closets and utility areas so that they do not open out into the room.
  • Make sure that the furnishings have more height than width, especially book cases, entertainment centers and china cabinets.
  • Use stackable baskets and boxes, and place them on top of the higher pieces of furniture if necessary.
  • Hang shoe bags in the laundry room and over the back of every closet door. These are wonderful organizational tools for everything from sewing paraphernalia to laundry or household cleaning products. They can be used to organize craft supplies or a child’s school supplies.
  • Clear zippered plastic bags are also wonderful tools for saving space. They can be stuffed with out-of-season clothing and placed under beds, couches, or decorative tables where they are not visible, but add storage capacity to the closets in the home.
  • Coat racks of all types may be used to organize belts, purses, book bags, hats, and umbrellas to free up more floor space.

These ideas are only the beginning, once you start to de-clutter and make better use of the space in your home. By looking for items that stack, nestle, hide, or flatten, it is possible to make a room feel more spacious without sacrificing its charm or style.

This is a guest post from Helen Pearson.

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