How to Find the Perfect Fit Jeans for Your Man

Most guys love to wear jeans and if your man is muscular enough, you sure like to see him in them! But then again nothing looks worse than a pair of jeans that does not fit a guy well. But hey, since you do his shopping, you can make sure that you find the perfect fit for him!

Of course, it helps if he agrees to accompany you on the shopping trip, but if you do a good job of shopping for jeans yourself, he may happily leave it all on you. It may even be that you are planning a surprise wardrobe restocking for him and so buying the right pair of jeans is a must.

Assuming that you are shopping alone, you must have the right measurements with you. Here’s what you need:

  • The measurements of his waist, depending on where the jeans would sit. If you want him to wear low-waist jeans, measure the exact area where the jeans would cling onto his waist.
  • Next you need to know the inseam length. This is the distance between crotch and the end of the jeans.
  • The rise, which is the distance between the crotch and the closure of the jeans.

With these three measurements in hand, you can shop for any type of jeans with complete confidence that you will not go wrong with the fit.

There are several types of men’s jeans available these days. Since you know your man’s sense of style, pick accordingly and not randomly or just anything which catches your fancy. A safe bet would be to go for straight leg or boot cut jeans, which can be worn with a variety of shoes. Boot cut jeans flare out towards the bottom and can be worn with chunky footwear such as ankle length boots.

If your man is heavy set, boot cuts are the best option because they help in making him look thinner.

If your man has a lean body, you can try skinny fits. Though these jeans are not actually for skinny people, they look great on guys who have a toned body and lean muscle.

Straight leg jeans may look good on all body types, but you have to make sure that you have selected the right length before buying one of these. This is because a little disparity in length causes a scrunch which ruins the ‘straight leg’ appearance.

Last but not the least; make sure that the jeans you are buying have been pre-shrunk. If not, all your hard work of selecting the perfect fit may go to waste, in the first wash, which causes the fabric to shrink.

While this is all you need to select the perfect fit, you can get some great deals if you use Macy’s coupons while buying jeans online. Not only that, you can also get free shipping on purchase of men’s jeans worth $75 and above from their website!

So, go ahead and get the best pair of jeans for your man to dress him up exactly the way you want!

Veronica Davis is a freelance writer. She’s been helping businesses succeed online for four years and currently writes about topics ranging from shopping/saving money to real estate. To save on jeans, she recommends using online Macy’s coupons or searching for coupons for your favorite store.

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